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A loan is an alternative for a time when you need extra money. There are countless situations that can generate the need for a loan.

As a retiree your income remains fixed, and the cost of living keeps increasing, so the retirement loan can help you with what you need.

Why is it easier to get a loan on retirement?

Why is it easier to get a loan on retirement?

4 reasons that makes this loan easy to get

1. lower rates and interest;

2. more likely to pass;

3. faster credit release;

4. fixed income.

You can be retired from retired from private pension , however due to the stable income the loan approval is in most cases 98% guaranteed.

What you need to apply for retiree credit? Only 3 requirements.

What you need to apply for retiree credit. Only 3 requirements.

At the credit intermediary company , you request your credit with these 3 items below:

  • identification document.
  • proof of fixed income.
  • Bank account.

Simulate your credit in a few seconds

Simulate your credit in a few seconds

You can simulate your retirement credit quickly and without bureaucracy. Just enter the amount and deadline for payment and that’s it. After that, just click on apply for a loan to see if your application has been approved.

This operation is carried out on our online loan page, which includes any type of credit application, including retiree loans . However, the credit analysis takes into account the credibility of the retiree’s fixed income.

Situations for applying for retirement credit

Situations for applying for retirement credit


Often with advancing age, the body asks for more health care. Many retirees need extra money for treatments and medication.

Another factor, is the aesthetics with the objective of some procedure such as plastics, rejuvenation, dental prosthesis, in short everything that can collaborate for a life of higher quality and satisfaction.

Lender releases the credit, without the need for explanation, you can use your quick retirement loan as you like .

2. Renovation of the House

Some retirees find that they will spend more time at home, so they want to make their home more cozy and comfortable. Renovation is an incredible option.

Nothing better than having your home your way, with your tastes and amenities. Many retirees apply for a loan for these moments of home, chacará or apartment renovation. You can also.

3. Travel

Many retirees understand that it is time to explore and get to know the world. The retirement loan can also serve this purpose.

Travel to see new places, experience new sensations, create new memories, feel happy. This is a good reason to request an extra monetary credit and be able to enjoy your trip.

4. Debts

Another opportunity that the elderly loan favors is to be able to pay off arrears. As the interest on the retiree credit is lower, this is your chance to pay off all debts and be free of collectors.

With just one loan to pay off all your debts, it is easier to control your home budget and be free of charges over the phone, and no longer have a dirty name.

5. Others

The loan is personal and can serve many situations. For the purchase of a car, or furniture. Or even an orthopedic, massage or physiotherapy device to help the body recover from physical problems.

As well as helping children in some difficulty.

Save time to accomplish what you want. Request your loan without delay, with practicality, comfort and absolute security.

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