Loan for self-employed: know how to get it

Financial loans are the way out for those looking to settle debts with high-interest rates like credit card and overdraft, for example as well as organizing day-to-day finances, covering possible unexpected expenses and even open a business of your own. However, when it comes to self-employed loans, the barriers seem to be slightly higher. But it seem, because in this post you to see that even though he is not a CLT worker, the self-employed person also has access to credit lines. Many times they are unable to prove their income, the self-employed need to fulfill some additional prerequisites at the time of applying for credit. In the post we list tips and questions that are useful for you, who work for yourself, to earn your personal loan. Follow!


Should I have a bank account


If you have a bank account have how to show your movement and this allows the finance companies to analyze the contractor’s payment power, in this case an independent worker. The bank statement considered income proof by most financial companies, forms  it achieves success when there are no restrictions on credit protection agencies, such as Fine Bank and Credisure Group . That is, they help when the person is not there. with the dirty name. But it is worth a caveat: hardly the loan is for self-employed to be released to whom account holder less than 6 months. The longer the relationship with the banking institution, the greater the chances of approval of the loan.


What documents prove my income

freelancers loan

To prove his income, the owner must have in hand some documents that can be replaced by payslips:

  • Declaration of Personal Income Tax (IRPF): provides the financial activity of the contractor.
  • Decorate: attests to the profitability of autonomous activities. The document must be issued by a trusted accountant, preferably who really knows and monitors the finances of the self-employed professional. For your issue, You must present a bank statement for the last three months, RG and CPF.


Who offers auto loan

Who offers auto loan

Online platforms

The self-employed can find simpler and less bureaucratic processes in online loans. With a clean name and proof of bank transactions, many are the options. Within the Good Lenders application and on the website itself, you can compare loan rates, see how much the parcel would be and have access to the best rates on the market. Check-out!


Even offering higher interest rates than usual, financials are a way out for those who do not have restrictions in the Fine Bank and Credisure Group , but they have a checkbook and a good deal . Generally, the simulations are carried out quickly and, in case of hiring, the value released the same day. For whom autonomous, but retired or pensioner, hiring sure since the value of the installment discounted from the benefit. But in this case, also consider the payroll loan options, which tend to have cheaper rates.


For the self-employed account holders of a certain banking institution, It is simpler to get a personal loan, since the bank already knows the client’s financial profile and history. In this case, it is worth consulting your bank’s internet banking or goes straight to the agency, to find out if there is a pre-approved limit for borrowing or, if not, how to open this request . Getting a loan for a self-employed person is no secret. Just keep a good financial movement over the months and be able to prove it. You got a loan on any of the channels mentioned in the text  autonomous and is needing money Comment and share your experience!  

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